High School Georgia Announces a Competition for the Position of Head of Quality Assurance and Strategic Development Service

High School Georgia Announces a Competition for the Position of Head of Quality Assurance and Strategic Development Service

Applications will be submitted by High School Georgia in 2019. August 12 to September 12, 2019. 
Address: 46 Jurkha Nadiradze Street, Tbilisi, Tel 236 91 60.

Job Description :

A) Directs and manages the activities of the Service; 
B) Is responsible for the performance of the functions and tasks assigned to the Service; 
C) Distributes functions among the employees of the Service, gives them relevant instructions and instructions; 
D) Within his / her competence distributes correspondence received at work; 
E) Prepare reports and conclusions on behalf of the Service within its competence; 
F) Submits a report on the activities of the Service to the Rector of the higher education institution; 
G) Petition for the qualification and retraining of the Service staff;
H) Develop the tools and methods needed to assess the quality of current academic and research processes in higher education, including through the sharing of international experience; 
I) Provides systematic evaluation of the educational and scientific-research activities of the higher education institution, as well as the quality of the development of the staff involved in these activities; 
J) Organize self-assessment preparation processes for authorization and accreditation; 
K) participate in the processes of facilitating higher education involvement in the international space of higher education; 
L) Provides internal and external mechanisms for quality assurance of teaching-research and research in higher education;
M) Participates in the creation, evaluation and development of higher education curricula; 
N) Guides the processes of implementation of modern methods of research, teaching, teaching and evaluation of higher education institutions; 
O) Participates in the development of programs within its competence; 
P) Evaluate and take care of programs within their competence, develop recommendations for program development; 
Q) Takes care of the professional development of higher education staff; 
R) Participates in the process of establishing mobility, credit recognition and software compatibility within the scope of the Service;
S) Providing consultancy to academic staff to facilitate the publication of scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals; 
T) Exercise other powers defined by the statute of the higher education institution, legal acts and the legislation of Georgia.

Qualification Requirements :

A) Higher education. 
B) Knowledge of the internal and external mechanisms of functioning, management, quality assurance of higher education institutions, internal and external, as evidenced by relevant work experience (authorization and accreditation standards); 
C) At least 3 years of experience in the field of quality assurance in education; 
D) Very good speaking and writing skills in Georgian; 
E) Knowledge of English; 
F) Good knowledge of computer programs (Ms. Word, Ms. Power Point, Outlook).

 Required Skills :

A) Team management and development skills. 
B) Effective communication (oral and written); 
C) The ability to delegate; 
D) Strategic and complex thinking; 
E) Ability to process and evaluate qualitative data 
f) Ability to innovate and innovate. 
G) Project management skills; 
H) Ability to orientate on results;

The Head of Quality Assurance and Strategic Development Service will be initially appointed for a probationary period;

Head of Quality Assurance and Strategic Development Service subsequently appointed and appointed for 2 years ;

The amount of remuneration for the winning candidate shall be determined by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee.

 In order to participate in the competition , the candidate should submit the following documents :

A) Application on behalf of the Competition Commission; 
B) CV of the contestant; 
C) Copies of relevant academic degree documentation; 
D) Copy of ID card.

The competition results will be announced :   September   15, 2019 .

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