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HS Georgia was founded in 1991 as a high school for educational, cultural and core values and counts its 25-year history. Its main focus is on the establishment of a success-oriented academic space, integration into the international education space, and fostering personal, professional and harmonious development of continuing education, the individual.
HS Georgia is a highly socially responsible university community whose main purpose is to prepare demanding and competitive undergraduates both locally and internationally. Today Georgia continues the process of integrating the European Higher Education Area and promotes the implementation of the principles of teaching.
HS Georgia collaborates with leading business administration specialists, conducts internal and external training and is highly motivated to move forward. Our goal is to share experience, theoretical knowledge and practical skills with those in the field, as well as pave the way for and train future specialists, leaders, business administrators.
HS Georgia as an Educational, Cultural and Higher Education School of Business Administration of Georgia has started a School of Young Leaders where students of any public and private school in Georgia can enroll and study.
The goal of the Young Leadership School is to help young people make the right and meaningful choices and at the same time it is a platform for leadership thinking.
The main goal of the Young Leaders School is to support the formation of a free and purposeful generation, to help each teenager acquire the leadership skills they need.
Young Leaders School offers a unique opportunity for school children and stakeholders to participate in the Young Leaders School Social Project and gain knowledge on topics such as leadership, time management, emotional intelligence, current century skills, career choices and other important aspects.
• Number of meetings - 5.
• Duration of one meeting - 2 hours.
• Course start date: 30.11.2019.
Next meetings:
* 07.12.2019
* 14.12.2019
* 21.12.2019
* 28.12.2019
Address: Str. Tbilisi, N46 Jurkha Nadiradze Street.
Registration is online, attendance is free, anyone wishing to apply. Confirmation of registration by consent.
Young Leaders School Fall Session is free.
The completed registration form must be submitted by November 25.
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