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High School Georgia Announces a Competition for the Position of Head of Quality Assurance and Strategic Development Service

Applications will be submitted by High School Georgia in 2019. August 12 to September 12, 2019.  Address: 46 Jurkha Nadiradze Street, Tbilisi, Tel 236 91 60. Job Description : A) Directs and manages the activities of the Service;  B) Is responsible for the performance of the functions and tasks assigned to the Service;  C) Distributes functions among […]

On June 12, 2019, at 14:00, the High School Georgia is conducting a workshop on “The Mankind XXI Century and Strategies for Combating it”.

12. 06. 2019 14:00 – The High School Georgia is conducting a workshop on the subject of the 21st century and the strategies to combat it. ♻️Workshop participants are given the opportunity to: – get acquainted with modern trends of the war – to understand the challenges of the bouncing and bullying system ♻️Speaker Ketevan Chiabrishvili, […]

On 20th May, 2019, in High School Georgia was held the International Scientific Conference “Digital Era and Modern Business Challenges”

Conducting international scientific conferences will constantly allow each other to contact the representatives of business and academic community, researchers and students of different countries to facilitate the development and development of international projects for students and students. The Conference conducted by Universal Georgia is considered as an effective environment for supporting business activity within the […]