Internal Regulation

Internal Regulation

Article 1. Scope of action

1.1. The present regulation constitutes a collection of legal-disciplinary rules which establishes the working conditions of the High School Georgia (then-HS Georgia), the rules of conduct of personnel in the territory of HS Georgia and the disciplinary liability for violation of the established rules.

Article 2. Obligation to perform internal regulations

2.1. Regulations and disciplinary responsibilities defined by the regulations are mandatory for all administrative, academic, invited and support staff of HS Georgia.

Article 3. Labor Agreement / Working Conditions of Personnel

3.1. Exercise contract with the staff of the institution, including invited personnel, which determines:
a) personnel working conditions;
B) Rule of remuneration and other rights and obligations.
3.2. Conditions of the labor agreement are in line with the requirements of the Labor Code of Georgia and all other laws regulating labor relations;
3.3. The terms of the labor contract shall be determined by the parties to the contract.

Article 4. Working hours

4.1. There is a five-day work week from Monday to Friday.
4.2. Taking into consideration the requirements of the study process, the staff is allowed to have 6 days working week on Saturday.
4.3. The start and end of the job is determined from 10:00 to 18:00. Time for the beginning and completion of work for academic staff and invited personnel is related to the fulfillment of other obligations under the labor agreement.
4.4. The working hours of the library are determined individually in accordance with the provisions of the Library Regulations.
4.5. Duration of work time between GE and personnel can be determined by mutual agreement on the basis of labor legislation.
4.6. The break is going on for one hour. The staff members of the structural unit are obliged to distribute the time of the break so as not to delay the work process.
4.7. In Georgia, the lecture begins at the beginning of the clock and lasts 50 minutes.
4.8. Personnel have 24 working days with paid leave. The leave statement shall be submitted to the Personnel Management Service for at least five working days.
4.9. A person who is unable to appear for work due to health problems is obliged to notify the case management and human resources service and submit a relevant certificate after declaring him at work. If the employee is not a health certificate or fails to serve another personal reason, he / she is required to request vacation. Unlike this article, disciplinary liability norms will apply to the employee.

Article 5. Holiday days

5.1. There are holidays in Georgia in Saturday and Sunday, except in Article 4 of Article 4.2. The cases specified by the paragraph.
5.2. Us Georgia is rested during the holidays established by the Labor Code of Georgia.
5.3. In the case of the rector’s order, in case of existence of important grounds, the days of holidays which are not envisaged by the Labor Code.

Article 6. Personnel Rights and Responsibilities of Academic Personnel

6.1. Academic staff will be from Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Assistant.
6.2. The professors are involved in the study process and scientific studies and the assistant professor, associate professor, anasistent professor guided by the auditorium (group / practical / laboratory work) in the course of the educational process taking place in the main educational unit.
6.3. An academic position may be accessible to GE Georgia.

Article 7. Remuneration of personnel

7.1. Compensation of academic and invited personnel is determined by a labor agreement with them and is consistent with their workloads.
7.2. The remuneration of the administrative and support staff shall be determined by their respective labor agreement and comply with their qualification requirements.

Article 8. Responsibility and encouragement of personnel

8.1. The encouragement of U. Georgia’s employees is to be honest and efficient to perform duties, long and exemplary work in Georgia and taking into account the results of the assessment of personnel.
8.2. Types of encouragement:
1. Bonus;
2. Material and Intangible Awards;
3. Appreciation
4. Paid gift and award;
5. Types of other encouragement.

Article 9. Disciplinary Responsibility

9.1. Disciplinary liability is one of the legal responsibilities used in the case of university students and personnel in case of disciplinary misconduct in the territory of Georgia;
9.2. The decision on using disciplinary penalty for violation of the Internal Regulation Code or Ethics Code of Georgia is made by the Georgian Code of Ethics and according to the Code of Disciplinary Liability.

10.1. For the safety and health of staff and students, there are:
– Fire Safety; For this purpose, a visible place in the administrative building contains firecrackers;
– The Evacuation Plan is posted on the visible place in the administrative building of the US House of Georgia;
– In Georgia there are mechanisms for primary medical aid detection, namely, the auditorium of the administrative building is arranged with appropriate inventory;
– There are mechanisms for the maintenance of order in Georgia. In particular, a contract employee is employed, which systematically monitors the safety of students and staff during the course of the study process.
Article 11. Distribution of lecture time
11.1. The school year is divided into two semesters: Autumn and Spring;
11.2. The duration of each semester is 21 weeks.
11.3. Us George rests in the following holidays:
– Svetitskhovloba – October 14;
– Giorgoba – on November 23rd;
– Christendom – from December 30 to January 8;
– Epiphany – on January 19;
– Mother’s Day – March 3;
– Women’s Day – March 8;
– On the day of independence – April 9
– Easter Sunday – (5 days) including Thursday and Monday;
– Victory Day on Fascism – May 9th;
– Saint Andrew the day of the Apostle – on May 12;
– Independence Day – May 26.

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