Bachelor Program

Faculty Title Business Administration
Educational Programme Title Business Administration
Academic degree to be awarded Bachelor of Business Administration
Academic higher education cycle first cycle, Bachelor’s degree programme
Type of the Educational Programme Academic
Language of instruction Georgian
Programme Instructor Merab Mikelashvili, affiliated professor, Phd in Economics

The right to learn on Business Administration bachelor program has a person who passes the United National Exams, passes mobility or is enrolled without passing Unified National exams according Georgian law.

Duration of Bachelor’s programme is 8 semesters (4 academic years);  Duration of each semester is 21 weeks

Bachelor’s program includes 240 (ECTS) credits

One academic year includes 60 (ECTS) credits

One credit (ECTS) is equal to student learning activities (student workload) during 25 astronomic hours and covers both contact and independent hours.

Bachelor programmme covers 240 credits

– Mandatory components – 180 credits, including:
– Mandatory training courses of specialty – 120 credits
– English Language component (I-IV) – 20 credits
– General mandatory training courses (Academic Writing, Informatics) – 10 credits
– Industrial practice component – 10 credits
– Bachelor thesis – 20 credits
– Optional components – 60 credits, including:
– Optional training courses of specialty –  mandatory 30 credits
– Optional training courses (Rhetoric, Informational Technologies, Philosophy, Image Making – mandatory 10 credits
– Free training courses –  mandatory 20 credits

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